I rather enjoy speaking at universities and companies around the world. Previous venues have included the MIT Media Lab, Oxford University, School of Visual Arts, Harvard University, Art Academy of Cincinnati, University of Windsor, Georgetown University, Menlo Innovations and more. I always welcome such opportunities as a way to make new friends and share new ideas.

I offer workshops alongside lectures or as a separate service. Workshops are best suited for a maximum of 20 participants and require advance notice for preparation.  Workshop topics are not limited to, but have previously included the following:
  • GIS Mapping for Qualitative Research
  • Creating robust social science data sets from scratch
  • Quality of life upgrading opportunities within refugee camps and cities in conflict
  • Design for complex conditions and Humanitarian Design
  • Urban Conflict Assessment
  • Technical Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ethnography and Experimental Research Methods
  • Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Participatory Action Design (PAD)

Independent Consulting - Individual Area of Practice and Expertise

  • Human Factors and Design Research
  • Social and Geographic Mapping 
  • Geospatial Data Collection 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Social/Economic/Market/Conflict/Urban Programming

Strategy and Design
  • Communications Design, Product Design, Urban Design, Service Design, Strategy Design
  • Smart Cities, and Physical Computing at Urban Scale
  • Forced Displacement Solutions and Refugee Camp Design
  • Urban Conflict Stabilization, Security Infrastructure, and Public Safety
  • Physical Planning
  • Public Policy