Consulting Services for Economic Development via Technology and Data Sciences

  • Business Entrepreneurship, Startups, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  • Smart Cities, Urban Development, and Conflict Stabilization
  • Forced Displacement Solutions and Refugee Camps
  • Security Infrastructure, Physical Planning and Public Policy

I offer workshops alongside lectures or as a separate service. Workshops are best suited for a maximum of 20 participants and require advance notice for preparation.  Workshop topics are not limited to, but have previously included the following:

  • Human Factors and Design Research
  • Social and Geographic Mapping 
  • Geospatial Data Collection 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation for Social/Economic/Market/Conflict/Urban Programming
  • Design Research Methods
  • Socio-Technical Systems Design
  • Interdisciplinary Design and Humanitarian Issues
  • GIS Mapping for Qualitative Research
  • Creating robust social science data sets from scratch
  • Quality of life upgrading opportunities within refugee camps and cities in conflict
  • Urban Conflict Assessment
  • Technical Tools for Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Ethnography and Experimental Research Methods
  • Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Participatory Action Design (PAD)