October 11, 2009

Pyramids of Egypt and Piping Hot Pizza.

Just a quick word.  I went to the pyramids the other day with some folks.  Had a good time.  It was the 4th time that I've been there, and I found it just as enjoyable as previous times.  However on this trip I also climbed into one of these things.  Not much to describe except that it was super hot and humid.  But I thought I would mention for those who haven't been to Egypt, are you aware of how close the pyramids are to the city?  Usually, thanks to movies and books, we all generally presume the pyramids are located somewhere out in the desert, accessible only by horse or camel or something.  But no.  They are immediately on the edge of suburban Giza, one of the largest suburbs in the world.  Immediately across the street is a combination KFC/Pizza Hut.  Below is a photo I shot from the 3rd story window of Pizza Hut.  I will admit that I flipped the photo horizontally so that the text is properly readable.  

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