September 23, 2009

New Blog Debut!!!

I decided recently to start another blog, a "serious" blog that concerns the issues I am generally thinking about, writing about, researching and working on.  These issues concern the stabilization and reconstruction of conflicted territories, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo etc.

For now the entries are somewhat general, but each entry is created using a basic structure:
  • Each entry is concerned with a particular conflict 
  • Each entry synthesizes information from a variety of online journalistic and academic sources
  • Each entry attempts to look at a particular problem or asset for each conflict
  • The overall goal is to address untapped strengths and resources with the reconstruction process
I intend to update the blog on a biweekly basis. At the moment it contains 2 posts, one concerning Somalia, and one concerning Afghanistan.  Feel free to write constructive comments on posts.
Dialogue is encouraged.  Enjoy!

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